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Mission Statement

Founder & Trustee

Winter Willoughby-Spera, Hearth Community Fund

Thomas Monahan, an investment banker and restaurateur, has been involved in Gloucester City since 1999.  As owner and proprietor of Max's Seafood Café on North Burlington Street and Chubby's Steakhouse on the corner of Burlington and Monmouth Streets.

Tom's commitment and leadership in the community has made significant impact toward accomplishing our mission. When asked why he established the Fund? Tom simply stated, "Now is the time to give back. Together for a better Gloucester City."​​

Winter Willoughby-Spera, Hearth Community Fund

Who We Are


The Hearth Community Fund is a tax exempt 501(C)(3) organization and registered New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation located at 239 Monmouth Street, Gloucester City, NJ 08030. Contact us at

Thomas Monahan, Founder

The Hearth Community Fund was founded to make a lasting contribution both now and for future generations; to fund local community projects and programs for a brighter, better Gloucester City.

Tom and Larry at the 'Wave Wall' event

Lawrence Spera, managing partner at Road Angel Capital, LLC, an investment company that specializes in real estate related activities, and invests in start-ups and early stage companies that focus on community impact through social innovation and environmental sustainability. He is also a partner of Chubby's Steakhouse in Gloucester City. 

In addition, Mr. Spera is a lecturer at the University of New Hampshire, Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics on business and entrepreneurial studies and mentors start-ups through Princeton University's eLab Summer Accelerator Program​​.